Project Description

The IGM Financial Planning project spans multiple developmental phases. Initially the project was to develop their corporate public website. The site is simple and mobile/tablet responsive.

The second phase was to develop ‘Iplan’ – a secure staff portal to store online portfolio and investment information.  Iplan is a purpose built financial planning software for small financial planners. The leading industry software products available are incredibly complex, expensive and cluttered. So the goal was to provide core functionality in a user friendly fashion.

The third phase was to further develop Iplan to incorporate a secure client portal. Clients may log in and view their portfolio holdings, update their personal details, and access/download advice documents assigned to them.

Where applicable, the system is touch enabled so dragging and dropping isn’t restricted to the mouse. We’re refining the product now to include modelling and forecasting modules. Lots more juicy programming is underway – so watch this space for more Iplan features!

Client Iplan Features:
  • Secure log in.
  • View online portfolio.
  • Update client information.
  • View / download documents.


Staff Iplan Features:

  • Secure log in.
  • Add / Modify / Delete Entities and Clients.
  • Add / Modify / Delete Investments and Transactions.
  • Update Investments with imported datafiles.
  • View Portfolio Holdings and various reports.
  • Client Document management.
  • Configure system with investment types and rules.
  • Restrict access of clients to particular staff.